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Mako Mori in a decimated Tokyo
Geographical Information
Country Japan
Location Eastern Asia
Establishment 1868
Population Over 13,000,000
Status Active
In Pacific Rim
Notable Events Onibaba attack (May 15, 2016)[1][2]
Notable Locations Tokyo Shatterdome (closed)[2]
Notable Inhabitants Mako Mori

Tokyo is a city in Japan and the location of a major Kaiju attack by Onibaba in 2016.[2][1]


Three years into the Kaiju War Tokyo came under attack. Despite the efforts of the military, Onibaba devastated the city; among the victims killed were the parents of Mako Mori, who was eleven at the time. The Mark-1 Jaeger, Coyote Tango, was deployed into the city and killed the Kaiju, saving the life of Mako.

Plans to construct a Shatterdome in the area were announced shortly thereafter. On December 15, 2016, seven months after the incident, the Pan Pacific Defense Corps opened the Tokyo Shatterdome.[2][3]


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