Victory Alpha is a Japanese Jaeger of unknown Mark category.[1]


Tales From The Drift

July 5, 2016, Victory Alpha is deployed from the Tokyo Shatterdome into the Tokyo Bay to combat Ragnarok, a Category II Kaiju in an effort to protect the city[1] following the damages Tacit Ronin sustained two weeks prior against another Kaiju.[2]

Victory Alpha struggles in the fight against Ragnarok, barely holding the Kaiju off in its relentless attack during Marshal Hikai's attempt to call on reinforcements from the Hong Kong Shatterdome.[1] Alpha uses its energy weapon to fend off the Kaiju off for a time, however, Ragnarok reveals its third set of arms and begins to overpower the Jaeger.

Victory Alpha is forced into the bay and beaten on by Ragnarok until the pilots, Kagiso and Itu, are forced to eject moments before Victory Alpha is destroyed.[1]


Victory Alpha is a broadly designed Jaeger that bears a strong resemblance to the Mark-1 Jaeger, Tacit Ronin. On its narrow and long shoulders are two ventilation ports.[1] Not dissimilar to Romeo Blue, the armor of its chest protrudes outward, and double-jointed broad arms with two energy weapons that are ignited underneath its wrists.[1]


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