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Vulcan Specter is a Mark-3[2] Australian Jaeger. It was stationed at the Sydney Shatterdome along with Striker Eureka before its destruction in 2024.[4]


Early Combat History

During the earliest point of the Kaiju War, Vulcan Specter earns a number of three kills out five engagements. December 12, 2021, Vulcan Specter fights and kills Fauxface which attacks Santiago, Chile. Its pilots were Joshua Griffin and a pilot named Zachery, natives of Australia.[4]Vulcan Specter also fought the kaiju Vermin sometime during the Kaiju War with Striker Eureka. Specter was able to kill Vermin by using its Atomic Drill, drilling through Vermin's head. Parasites then came out of Vermin and attacked Columbia, and were killed by the Jaegers.

Spinejackal incident

Mutavore Incident

December 27, 2024, Vulcan Specter is sent out to engage the Kaiju, Mutavore. Vulcan Specter is overpowered by the Kaiju and is destroyed. The remains of the Jaeger are sent to a sent to scrapyard separate from Oblivion Bay.[4]


March 2, 2034, during a salvage job for Mech Czar, Joshua Griffin discovers the remains of the Vulcan Specter in the scrapyard located in Santa Monica, California.[4]

Kaiju Killed

Kaiju Date Location Jaeger Team
Fauxface 12/12/2021 Santiago, Chile Solo
Vermin Unknown Colombia Striker Eureka
Spinejackal Unknown Sydney Striker Eureka



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