The "Wizened Man"[1] was a man who worked under Hannibal Chau.


Hong Kong Incident

Prior to the Double Event, when Newton Geiszler enters Kaiju Remedies, the Wizened Man offers him Kaiju Bone powder on the assumption that he is searching for something to increase his sex drive or remedy his impotence. However, when Newton clarifies that he is searching for Hannibal Chau, the man shows him to the backroom of the store.

When the Double Event begins, the Wizened Man aids Hannibal's workers to close shop and they presumably join Hannibal in his private bunker after leaving Newton to fend for himself in a public Anti-Kaiju Refuge.

In the aftermath of Gipsy Danger's fight with Leatherback and Otachi, the Wizened Man and several Kaiju organ Harvesters enter the inside of fallen Otachi's body to retrieve the secondary brain for Newton. Aided by Hazmat suits pumped with oyxgen, their progress is slow. When they reach the secondary brain, the Wizened Man announces that the brain is damaged, making it useless for the intended purpose.

Before they can leave the corpse, the Wizened Man announces that he detects movement that resembles a heartbeat. The man and the Organ Harvesters discover the Kaiju is pregnant with offspring as it wakes up. The Wizened Man and the Harvesters are killed in the Baby Kaiju's attempt to escape Otachi's womb.